If you are looking for a reliable and inexpensive way to deliver cargo and the use of international container transport by sea way.

“OOO pbk terminal” provides for this type of transportation of affordable prices and a high level of customer service.

Popularity of cargo transportation by water is high enough, today it is about 65% of the total turnover in the world.

Delivery of Cargoes

A key link in the chain of transportation of cargoes is the consolidation of several small parties senders on a special request. Consolidation (consolidated) warehouse serves as the starting point for regular transportation of cargoes on a given route.

Time of delivery in this case varies depending on the length of the party assembly, route of transportation and other factors.

In most cases, general cargo transported by road. Today, however, as is often the practice of international transportation of consolidated shipments using rail, water and air transport.


Storage of goods

With our own warehouses and representative offices abroad, we can store your goods at the time of container arrival and needing transportation to its final destination.

Clearing Agency

“OOO pbk terminal” understood most private entities want to ship through sea transportation but has little experience in this sphere which is very costly if they do not have the reliable source for their consignments.

Therefore “OOO pbk terminal ” has reliable and trusted clearing and forward agencies across the continent partnered to clear our clients goods upon arrival to avoid demurrage and hitches with the custom services of the country.

No partners required

Mostly customers without shipping experience do ship their containers half full of the container size which is a big loss in business, or most looks for partners which can be hectic to find.

We “OOO pbk terminal” will handle all hard work and make you save more.!

Low cost

During maritime transport of goods, as well as loading and unloading using a minimum workforce that provides a low cost of data transport services;


  • Delivery of goods from Europe, Asia, China, the United States and other countries;

  • Shipment and loading different kinds of goods;

  • Customs clearance;

  • Storage, certification and insurance products;

  • Organization of container transportation in Russia “door to door” of the customer


For the delivery of goods by sea containers are used which have a reliable, standardized design, so they are convenient to use along the way. With their help during the modal routes do not need to carry out repacking, and therefore, we are significantly reducing costs.

Not sure which services needs?

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